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Our most popular option is our Multi-Page Website package where we design, build and launch your website with a speedy build time. This is great if you're a time-pressured entrepreneur and want your idea to be published online promptly, with a high-performance multi-page website.



Check out these many benefits you will receive from our popular Multi Page Website package...

  • At the end of the build, you will get a high-performance site that will grow with your business.
  • Show off your business to prospects with a smart and professional website.
  • Get online sooner so you can start building your domain authority to rank higher on search engines.
  • Grow your website with a blog or articles answering peoples questions and concerns online.
  • Built on WordPress with a premium theme so you can edit and manage content like a pro.
  • Mobile Responsive and Fast Loading so your website can be accessed on more devices.
  • Integrated with Social Media so you can share your website with your network.


This page details the features and their benefits included in our Multi Page Website package so you have complete clarity for what you get...


5 Custom Page Website

We will build up to 5 unique pages for your new website.
The Multi Page Website package includes up to 5 unique pages and a Knowledge Centre or Blog which is also included. Your 5 pages include the homepage, contact, about and services pages. You have complete flexibility over the page layout, so you could have a portfolio or gallery for example. On occasions, we have been able to create more than the 5 pages if the content is created and provided beforehand but we cannot make any promises. A multi-page website is great for expanding your business and ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. After your website is built you're unlimited by the number of pages you can add using the popular WordPress platform to add to the website.


Knowledge Centre / Blog Section Included

The articles section enables you to keep your website updated with the latest news and information.
Keep your website up to date and provide new and relevant information to your prospects with a news, blog or articles section. Once your website is live, you can login to create new posts answering peoples concerns and providing useful information. Your Knowledge Centre is also integrated with popular Social Media channels so you can share your articles with your network and groups with a click of a button. If you already have articles written on another platform that you would like to transfer over, we would be happy to provide you with a quote.


Custom Layout & User Experience Design (Evidence Based)

We use data-driven design principles to increase conversion on your website.
It's important to us that your website is designed to be on brand and we're also honest in our advice to make suggestions, that have been proven to increase conversion rates. For example, it's common to have your buttons styled to match your brand colours, but an out of place colour has been proven to increase click-through rates as it attracts the attention of the visitors. We also use evidence-based page layouts to maximise the visitor journey using principles such as AIDA (Attention, Information, Desire and Action) to accelerate conversions. If you would like more information on how we analyse websites to increase conversion, please contact our team who will be happy to help.


Premium WordPress Theme

Our websites are built on the popular WordPress platform including a premium themes and plugins.
WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to log in your website's pages and content. The popularity of WordPress means there are many tutorials and designers able to assist you in growing your website. We use a premium theme and layout tool called Beaver Builder to build your website, providing flexibility in the design and content. We also include popular and secure plugins to speed up and offer an extra level of security to your website such as image optimisation tools and caching features. If you would like to arrange a demonstration of the WordPress platform and how it will work for your business, you can contact us on 01604 211322


Premium Stock Images & Graphics

They say that pictures say 1000 words which is why we use premium stock images on your website.
Images and icons play a large part in the visitor journey by grabbing attention and telling part of the story. The right images and icons can say a thousand words of text into a 30 second visual. To ensure we use the right images for your website, we have access to many thousands of premium stock images with our Adobe Stock subscription. We also use images from free sources such as Pixabay and Unsplash to ensure we find the right images for your website. We also ensure brand consistency by selecting and editing the best images to suit your application. You're not limited to using stock images, you can provide your own images.


Website Copy Included

Say it the right way on your website with copy written to a winning formula.
There is an art to writing copy for your website that is different to many other media types. It's said that over 70-80% of potential clients will make a decision to use your services without contacting you, which is why it's important that your website copy addresses their questions and concerns. We achieve this by writing copy that is relatable to your potential audience and talk to them to reassure them and position you as the expert. There is also an art to writing copy that ranks well on search engines by using keywords in the right heading tags and formatting throughout the article.


Fast Loading

We build our websites to be fast loading so your visitors do not need to wait around for your content to load.
Speed is important which is why we build our websites to load in super quick time. It's said that you have 7-9 seconds to reassure people they have found the right website and should stay. So you shouldn't let the time it takes for your website to load take up any of that time. At Local Traders Publications, we guarantee your website will load in under 3 seconds from another UK device. In fact we aim for a 2 second load time but often achieve 1 second if the content is optimised and kept to a minimum. We also guarantee that your website will be in the green for Google PageSpeed Insights.


Search Engine Optimised

A great source of website traffic is from search engines where prospects are actively seeking answers.
It's important to add that a new website can take time to rank on search engines such as Google. It takes time to build your domain authority and rank above your competitors who have been in business with a website for longer. However, there are ways to accelerate that process by creating fast loading, mobile responsive websites, that are optimised to rank well. We use a popular WordPress plugin called Yoast to optimise the metadata so the titles and descriptions of your website perform well in search engines. We also optimise the images and content to meet best practices so you can be confident your website is working at its best.


Social Media Integration

Provide continuity between your website and social media platforms.
With Social Media being a very large part of your online marketing, it's important that your website communicates with your channels suitably. There are many things to consider when integrating your website with your channels such as posting pages to your platforms and tracking visitors to your website for re-marketing. Firstly, we install Facebook and Twitter pixels provided by you on your website. This enables Facebook and Twitter to see who visits your website so your adverts reach a more targeted market. We then use a popular WordPress plugin called Yoast to set the title, description and image displayed on your news feeds when the page is viewed. We also add share buttons to your posts so you can share an article with the click of a button. All this makes integration with your Social Media simple and effortless.

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