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Northampton Local is an entertaining local community magazine that's distributed to a large number of households in the Northampton area on a bi-monthly basis. The magazines are also distributed to a number of local shops, petrol stations where members of the public are encouraged to take free copies.

The main purpose behind the magazine is to allow businesses in the local area, a more cost effective way of advertising their products and services to the local community. To this end, we purposely keep our prices ludicrously low in the hope that our advertisers will want to continue advertising with us on an on-going basis. We purposely don't tie advertisers down to any on-going contracts however, which means that they're free to advertise "as and when" they want to.

Advertising in a bi-monthly magazine offers businesses the opportunity to reside in homes across the town and to be on hand to local residents, at arms reach, at any time of the day or night. It's the ideal tool for ensuring that your business remains on the radar of would be customers and with an estimated reader base of over 28,000 (based on an average of 4 people per household) we offer exceptional value for money compared to many other magazines.

Each glossy, topical edition includes useful information, articles, puzzles & riddles, etc. In addition, we also encourage interesting editorials and special features from advertisers and readers alike and to looking forward to submissions from both.

We also help a number of charities which include Diabetes UK, Alzheimer's Society, Narcolepsy UK and Cancer Research along with many others who have benefited over the years.

In addition to featuring in the magazine itself, all business advertisers automatically benefit from their adverts being available on-line, as our website allows people the opportunity to browse through prepvious editions also, thus increasing further the potential for attracting new and old customers alike.


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To find out more information about our services please fill out our contact form and a member of staff will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your advertising needs.

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Address: 65 Harcourt Way, Hunsbury Hill, Northampton, NN4 8JR

Email: advertise@northampton-local.co.uk
Phone Number: 01604 211322

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